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Self-Control Event

posted Jan 31, 2020, 10:25 AM by Admissions Admissions
January’s “Christ in Me” character trait was SELF-CONTROL, and this morning our students had a chance to show what they have learned this month. They were separated into family groups and were given several different scenarios to talk about how they could exhibit SELF-CONTROL in that situation. Next, they played the “Giggle Game” where one person in the group was “it” and had to show SELF-CONTROL while the rest of the group tried to make “it” laugh (without touching them). We then watched a video called “What if Adults Had Tantrums Like Toddlers?” and had a good laugh at how silly the grownups looked. Mr. Hiskey ended our event with a demonstration called “Fizzy Mess” to show what can happen when we lose control. You can find it and other hands-on lessons at