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Preschool 3

Preschool 3 is a big step in life for children and their parents! This is often the first time they have been away from mom and dad or in a structured setting.  We use the Horizon curriculum to guide our teaching. We share Jesus daily throughout all of our activities.  First and foremost, the children learn that God made us, loves us and forgives us.  

Another major focus for P3 is in the development of social skills.  We will work on sharing, taking turns and learning how to be a kind and loving Christian friend.  Students also have opportunities to help others through service projects.  

In additional to our spiritual and social/emotional goals, HTLS' P3 program is a wonderful starting point for kindergarten readiness. Our days are very structured with hands-on activities that give the children the opportunity to discover and explore the world around them.  Each week we have a different bible lesson, letter, theme, and focus.  Teaching methods include structured time, free time, small group, large group, and one-on-one time.  Weekly exposure to early literacy concepts, math, science, social studies, sign language, art, music, and physical activities keep our days busy and exciting.

P3 has the following schedule options:
2 days (Tuesday/Thursday)
3 days (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) or
5 days (Monday-Friday)

Students can attend from either 
8am-12pm (half day) 
8am-1pm (Lunch bunch) or 
8am-3pm (full day).  

HTLS also offers extended care from 7am-5:30pm for students who need to be dropped off early or picked up late.

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