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Preschool 2 - Miss Taylor

                                       P2 Teacher: Miss Taylor                                                                           Teacher Aide: Miss Hannah

In order to stay within Covid regulations, this year our P2 class is separated into 2 smaller, separate classes.

Designed to prepare each student for our Preschool 3 Class, the Preschool 2 class is structured around age-appropriate educational activities.  Morning circle, one-on-one learning, various centers, craft activities, Bible lessons, potty training and alphabet, number, shape, color, and animal recognition are the main criteria we implement each day.  Specials interspersed throughout the week's schedule are Music, Library, Sing/Dance time and sensory stations (i.e: water table, sand table).  Students also attend chapel on Wednesday mornings with the rest of the school.  Snacks are provided to all students and lunch is provided for students staying the full day.

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P2 Schedule  Options:
2 days (Tuesday/Thursday)
3 days (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) or
5 days (Monday-Friday)

Options for Hours: 
8am-12pm (half day) 
8am-1pm (Lunch bunch) 
8am-3pm (full day) 
7am-5:30pm (Morning care and Extended care is offered for students who need to be dropped off early/picked up late)



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